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    <span class="tlid-translation translation" lang="en"><span title="">Directly from the factory at incredibly discounted prices</span><br /><span title="">up to 50% (from the market price !!)</span><br /><span title="">NEW cymbals with 2 YEARS WARRANTY</span><br /><span title="">(real occasions no ex-demo or used)</span><br /><span title="">Cymbals that are out of catalog 2019 </span><br /><span title="">therefore they will be put up for sale until the end of stocks.</span></span>
  • FX Effects Collection
  • Est. 1931 series NEW...
    After a long process of research and experimentation,<br /> in close cooperation with our Artist Federico Paulovich, <br />the new “Est.1931 Series” is here, as a tribute to the <br />year of our company’s foundation. “Est.1931” cymbals <br />are dry, smooth, warm with a traditional sound, but updated <br />to perfectly fit new modern music styles. Crashes are dark, <br />warm, smoky, soft, very low pitched, with a soft response <br />and short sustain. Rides are extremely dry, musical, very <br />controllable with an excellent stick definition, but still crashables. <br />Hi Hats feature a warm chick, dry sound, good response and great control.
  • Vibra Series
    <span id="result_box" lang="en"><span>The new Vibra, the last born in the UFIP house, complete our range</span><br /><span>moving towards absolutely more modern and contemporary sounds.</span><br /><span>Developed in close collaboration with our endorser Adriano Molinari (Zucchero),</span><br /><span>they required a very long period of fine-tuning, before arriving at the final definition.</span><br /><span>The new Vibra unique sound characteristics;</span> <span>the Crash are explosive, <br />with great attack </span><span>and decay quite quickly, the Ride remain controlled, with a</span><br /><span>ping very well defined, while the Hi Hat are powerful, <br />dynamic, with a complete sound range.</span></span>
  • Bionic Series
  • Class Series
  • Class Series -...
  • Natural Series
  • Supernova
  • Experience Series

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