Ordering and payment options, turnaround and shipping times, shipping costs and returns

Ordering options

To place an order, first you need to subscribe to our site (the subscription is free of charge and does not require any purchase). Please note that only the e-mail address specified in the registration can be used for the correspondence relative to the making of custom products.

If you buy a custom product, you will receive the link to a page of our website where your purchase is listed. In order to buy it, just click “add to cart” and then “check out”. In this page you will also have to accept our terms and conditions for custom products.

For non-custom products, just select the item, click “add to cart”and then “check out”.

The payment options are:
- Bank transfer
- Credit Card or PayPal
- Cash on delivery (only available for Italy, for non-custom products; it involves a 3% surcharge, with a minimum surcharge of €5.00)
- Direct payment at our store

Turnaround times
Non-custom products are usually shipped the day after the payment is received, if the payment is credited by 19:00 (7:00pm) local Italian time.
When the cash on delivery payment option is chosen, the products are are usually shipped the day after the order is received, if the order is placed by 19:00 (7:00pm) local Italian time.
In case that the requested items are not readily available in stock, the turnaround times will be specified in the description of the items.

Custom products: making custom drumheads and StickLogos usually requires 3-4 working days starting from the moment the payment is credited. Making custom wraps and custom drumsticks usually requires 7-10 working days starting from the moment the payment is credited.
In case that making a custom product requires items that are not in stock (for example special models of drumheads or drumsticks), the specific turnaround times will be communicated to the customer.

Please note that:

(1) the listed turnaround times are those generally necessary. DrumStroke cannot provide any guarantee against delays for events beyond its control.

(2) while the Credit card and PayPal payments are credited immediately, the bank transfer payments generally require 2 or more days to be credited.

Fast track option
For some types of custom products a ”fast track” option is available: with an extra charge of €15.00 (taxes included) DrumStroke commits to ship the finished product within two working days from the crediting of the payment. If, for any reason, DrumStroke fails to comply to this condition, this amount will be refunded to the Customer.

Shipping times and costs

Please note:

(1) The listed shipping times are not binding. DrumStroke cannot provide any guarantee against delays for events beyond its control.

(2) Shipping usually requires one working day in continental Italy; for Calabria, Sicily, Sardinia and remote areas they can increase up to 2-3 working days.

(3) The shipping times are expressed in working days (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are excluded).

(4) The listed shipping prices include taxes.

Return Policy

In compliance with the Italian law (D.Lgs. 206/05), the Customer has the right to return articles purchased away from business premises, without penalty and without the need to specify a reason, under the following conditions:
- the articles must be unworn and not damaged;
- they must be returned complete of all of their parts and accessories, in their original packaging;
- they must be returned within 14 days of delivery;
- the decision to return the articles must be communicated by filling the form that is located in the customer's account.

IMPORTANT NOTE: following the new refund policy introduced by PayPal; Refunds made, for purchases made with payment via the PayPal platform, will be issued net of the commissions incurred by the store during the collection phase (approximately 3.8% of the sum paid by the customer will be retained); and the reimbursement method will be by bank transfer.

The return shipping expenses are charged to the Customer.

The returning of the articles will be performed according to the modalities that DrumStroke will communicate to the Customer.

DrumStroke will refund the amount payed by the customer, minus the shipping expenses of the original purchase, after the returned articles have been delivered to DrumStroke.

Custom products are not eligible for returns.  

If an article is returned due to DrumStroke's fault or fabrication defects, the shipping is free of charge; return and refund/replacement will be carried our according to the warranty terms listed in the general terms and conditions of sale section.