StickLogo by Drum Stroke is a repositionable film that sticks to smooth surfaces. It's ideal for the drummers who want to display their logo on the bass drum even when they cannot use their own drumkit.
StickLogo is easy to use, can be applied and removed in a few seconds and can be used a virtually infinite number of times. The look of StickLogos is fully customizable, both graphics-wise and shape-wise.

How does it work?

StickLogo adheres to surfaces thanks to its microstructure. To apply it, you just lay it gently onto a smooth surface. To remove it, you just peel it off.
StickLogo doesn't have glue, so it does not leave sticky residues. It works on any smooth surface, not only on drumheads.
It even works when its adhering surface is moderately unclean. When the surface gets really dirty, you just need to wipe it gently with a slightly damp cloth in order to remove the dirt and restore the adhesion capacity.


How many times can it be repositioned?
We tested the material for months, sticking and removing every prototype hundreds of times, without ever detecting a reduction in the adhesion capacity.

What are the available options?
There are two types of StickLogos: those that cover the entire drumhead and those that only cover it partially. The latter ones can have any shape.
With each StickLogo we also provide small patches in white and black colors, which are useful to cover scripts or symbols.


How much does a StickLogo cost?
Any StickLogo, up to the dimensions 58x58cm, is priced €55.00, taxes included.
Because of the production costs, we cannot go lower than this price. For this reason it is worthwhile to order a single big StickLogo or several smaller ones, to make the most of the entire available space. Furthermore, the leftover areas in the material are used to make patches in white and black colors, which are useful to cover scripts or symbols.


Are there any disadvantages?
Because of its microstructure, StickLogo does not adhere well to rough surfaces, such as some types of coated drumheads.

How to order
The ordering procedure of a StickLogo is almost the same one of ordering a custom drumhead, with two practical differences.
The first difference is that StickLogos can be made of almost any shape. As with the custom drumheads, DrumStroke will produce previsualizations of the final product; basic image processing (such as adjusting the size or the cutout shape) is free of charge.
The second difference is that, unlike custom drumheads, the border that is cut out in the final product is about five millimeters (5.0mm) thick, instead of two and a half millimeters.

Some suggestions for the use
If wrinkles form during the application, detach and reapply the wrinkled part. Pushing on the wrinkled area will not remove the wrinkles.
When the borders of a StickLogo have adhered well, starting to remove it can be difficult. One trick to make the task easier is to put a small piece of paper on the adhering surface, close to the border. By rubbing that part of the border with your fingertips, detaching it will be easier.


If you let the paper extend from the border, creating a sort of handle, detaching it will be even easier.


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