Drumwraps protect the surface of the drumshells and provide a pleasant look. There are several types of “traditional” wraps, which accomplish these functions quite nicely, but offer a limited number of options.

DrumStroke's custom drumwraps let you customize the look of your drums with virtually infinite options, such as photo-realistic images and the possibility to add logos or other symbols.

Available options

Drum Stroke's custom wraps can be ordered
- in full sheets
- or trimmed to size, ready to be applied.

- you can order one of the designs of our exclusive catalog;
- or you can use the catalog as a reference and ask us to modify an existing design to develop your own;
- or we can design your wrap from scratch, according to you specifications.

How do I apply the wraps to my drums?

This tutorial explains the methods we use to apply our wraps. If you need further information, feel free to contact us and submit your questions.

How much do they cost?

The cost of full sheets is 0.0075€/cmq. Full sheets are 89cm high and can be ordered in any length starting from 100cm.
The cost of trimmed sheets is 0.01€/cmq. By default they include the double-side adhesive mounting tape already applied, unless the customer decides to use another application method.
In both cases, the minimum chargeable price is €70.00.
To help you calculate the prices, we have prepared a spreadsheet in OpenOffice format and in Microsoft Office format.

Custom DrumWraps

If the order requires extra graphic work (when modifying an existing design or developing a design from scratch), an extra fee could be applied. In this case DrumStroke will provide an estimate.

How to order

First you need to subscribe to our site (the subscription is free of charge and does not require any purchase). Only the e-mail address specified in the registration can be used for the correspondence relative to the making of custom products.

If you find find what you want in our catalog, just send us an e-mail specifying the code number of the chosen design and the desired sizes. If you want to develop a new design, or if you have any special request, just write us describing what you would like to achieve. If necessary, we will send you previews and renderings of the design for your approval.

Once every detail of your purchase is defined, you will receive a link to a page of our website where your custom product is listed. In order to buy it, just click “add to cart” and proceed to the check out. In this page you will also have to accept our terms and conditions for custom products.

All the prices reported in this page include taxes.

Payment and shipping options, turnaround times

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