According to the current international laws, when a person makes a “creative work” he or she automatically holds its copyright. In other words, if you make a drawing, the drawing automatically belongs to you and you can use it any way you want. Any person who wants to use your drawing will have to ask your permission. You will be free to concede or to deny the permission; you can also ask to be paid in exchange for the permission.

Based on this, DrumStroke has decided to adopt the following rules.

(Formal statement): when a Customer commissions DrumStroke to create a graphic design for a custom product, DrumStroke grants the Customer the perpetual right to use the graphic design.
(Less formally, with an example): you contact DrumStroke to have a custom drumhead made for you. DrumStroke's Graphic Department creates an artwork according to your specifications, and the artwork is printed on the drumhead that you ordered. If you ask for a copy of the drawing, DrumStroke will provide it to you, free of charge, and you will be free to use it any way you want (for example, to make posters for your band) forever.

The graphic designs produced by DrumStroke do not violate anyone's copyright. Every graphic design produced by DrumStroke's Graphic Department is either made from scratch or using graphic elements (photos, drawings, fonts...) that are obtained legally.

The Customer must take responsibility by accepting the special terms and conditions of sale for custom products. In particular, if the Customer provides DrumStroke with graphic elements, the Customer relieves DrumStroke from any responsibility for copyright violation due to the use of the provided graphic elements.

(Formal statement): the Customer cannot claim the right to the exclusive use of a graphic design commissioned from DrumStroke, with the exception of the graphic elements that the Customer has provided DrumStroke with.
(Less formally, with an example): you create your band's logo, then you ask DrumStroke to make a custom product using your logo. You also ask DrumStroke to create a floral background to include in your custom product.
According to the law, the copyright of the logo belongs to you, and the copyright of the floral background belongs to DrumStroke's Graphic Department. As a consequence, DrumStroke has the right to use the background for other projects. If you do not want others to use the background (that is, if you want to be the “only user” of that graphic element), you can ask DrumStroke to buy its rights. In this example we have used “your logo” and “the floral background”, but the principle applies to every type of graphic element.