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Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals

Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals

Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals


  • Set Cymbal Pack Box
  • Traditional
    <span class="hero-description-bottom">The Traditional Series sound is suited for pretty much every style of music imaginable. <br />The classic concept of these fully lathed cymbals has proven its value through the years. <br />From the earliest jazz drummers and bebop pioneers, <br />to heavy metal and the latest stylistic evolutions, <br />the Traditional Series encompasses <br />the sounds you’re looking for. Dark. Responsive. Controllable. Musical.</span>
  • Sultan
    <span class="hero-description-bottom">Sultan cymbals are a combination of the Traditional and the Turk Series. <br />The sound has unique brilliant characteristics of the Traditional cymbal <br />sounds and the dry & woody sound of the unlathed Turk cymbal series.</span>
  • Samatya
    <span class="hero-description-bottom">Modern, Brilliant, Fast, Power sound for Pop and Rock music. </span>
  • Mehmet Legend
    <span class="hero-description-bottom">Smaller cup, special thin lathing and legendary Turkish cymbal making process. <br />Mehmet Legend cymbals were specially designed for jazz styles <br />with the contribution of jazz drummers. Rich, Warm and Natural Sound</span>
  • Hamer
    <span class="hero-description-bottom">Big hammer marks for a trashy effect in addition to the dark and warm <br />traditional Turkish cymbal sound on all HameR models. <br />Combination of hammered and lathed surfaces of split crash, <br />flange crash and a warm ride results in a thinner edge for quick accents.</span>
  • Nostalgia (Jazz Line)
    <span class="hero-description-bottom">Specially designed for jazz drummers. Nostalgia Series jazz cymbals have <br />the same characteristics of the popular vintage jazz ride cymbals.</span>

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