Drum Stroke's drumstick catalog
 has a wide assortment of brands and models. You can add your signature or your logo to the sticks, with a large choice of colors or shades.

How to order
First you need to subscribe to our site (the subscription is free of charge and does not require any purchase). Only the e-mail address specified in the registration can be used for the correspondence relative to the making of custom products.

You can send us a complete design to the address info@drumstroke.it, or you can send us an image to elaborate, specifying the details of the desired result. We can also develop a design from scratch, starting from a simple description of what you would like to obtain.

If you choose to send us a complete design, this must be an RGB image, in .jpg or .png format, saved at maximum quality (the .png format is very similar to .jpg, but it also supports transparency). The suggested resolution is 200dpi. The maximum design height is 10mm. Here is two examples with our logo:

Custom Drumsticks

The design can include solid or shaded colors; you can also leave transparent areas, where the surface of the stick will be visible. One suggestion: although in our examples we used many colors, in general it is better to use just a few ones, to make the design more readable.

In a short time (usually within 48 hours) we will send you previews of the sticks for your approval. If you are satisfied with one of these previews, then we will go on with the production; otherwise, you will signal the corrections to be made.

Custom DrumSticks

How much do they cost?
The basic cost for printing 1 to 10 pairs of sticks is €35.00 (taxes included), plus the cost of the sticks themselves. For additional groups of 10 sticks the price is lower (for example printing 11 to 20 pairs costs €65.00 instead of €70.00). If you contact us we will provide you an estimate according to your demand.
Basic graphic processing (image resizing and text adding) is free; if further processing is requested we'll provide an estimate for the additional work.

All the prices reported in this page include taxes.

Payment and shipping options, turnaround times

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