If you have a logo or a drawing that you would like to put on your bass drumhead but you don't know how to compose images, you can have DrumStroke do it for you.

First you need to subscribe to our site (the subscription is free of charge and does not require any purchase). Only the e-mail address specified in the registration can be used for the correspondence relative to the making of custom products.

Send your image to our address info@drumstroke.it. Specify the desired drumhead size (e.g. 18'', 20'', 22'', 24''...), as well as any other detail that you want to point out (for example, if your drawing should cover the entire drumhead or just a part of it, or if you want a mic hole).

In a short time (usually within 48 hours) we will send you prototypes of the composition for your approval. If you are satisfied with one of these prototypes, then we will go on with the production; otherwise, you will signal the corrections to be made.
If in our opinion the quality of your image is too low, we'll suggest you to provide us with a better one. In any case, the decision on which image to use is up to you.
Only when the customer is fully satisfied with the artwork the drumhead will go into production.

The image composition service is free, unless further processing is requested (e.g. adding text, effects...); in this case we'll provide an estimate for the additional work.

The basic price of a custom drumhead is €40.00 + the price of the drumhead on which the artwork is applied.
Usually the artworks are applied on the drumheads via a specific film. We can also print directly on the drumhead, with a case-specific extra cost; if you want a direct print, contact us for a quote.

We usually use Remo Ambassador Clear drumheads, but you can also choose another one or provide your own. You can find the prices of the drumheads here.
Cutting a hole in the drumhead costs €5.00; if the customer requests to apply a reinforcement ring, the cutting of the hole is free (only the ring is charged). The available reinforcement rings are listed here.

Once every detail of your purchase is defined, you will receive a link to a page of our website where your custom product is listed. In order to buy it, just click “add to cart” and proceed to the check out. In this page you will also have to accept our terms and conditions of sale for custom products.

All the prices reported in this page include taxes.
Pricing and availability are subject to stocks and might be subject to changes.

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